2012-15-06BANFF World Media Festival, 2nd day

June 11, 2012 the representative team of War and peace media group public corporation led by Vitaliy Fedko, its General Manager, held a series of business meetings during the second day of the Banff World Media Festival in Canada.

Early on the second day, Vitaliy Fedko was invited to breakfast, where the media company heads shared their ideas and views about the TV industry in an informal setting. Among those invited were Paul Kemp, Executive producer of Stornoway productions, Jeremy Edwardes, Coptor productions inc. Chief Producer, Edward Peill, producer of the TellTale and others. Those present discussed the “War & Peace” TV channel’s plans and facilities, new products and cooperation terms, the problems with Canadian, American and Russian production and the future of mass media in general.

During the meeting of the War and Peace media group team with Tom Koch, PBS Distribution Vice President, the latter spoke about his television studio projects including those that are still being evolved (TV shows elections, etc.) as well as the shows that acquired worldwide acknowledgement and recognition. At lunchtime, the Media Holding Company delegation met with Arni Gelbart, CEO of the Canadian Galafilm Inc. production company and Daniel Janke, a Canadian producer. During the negotiations, the international partners discussed the shooting of the film with the working title "The long way around" ("A Long Way Around"): co-production options, the most advantageous ways of interaction and the movie’s budget in general. By estimate, the film's budget is $5 million. The Canadian party budget has already been formed. The filming is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2013.

By and large, the outcome of the working day for the War and Peace media group team was holding another meeting with Bruno Zarka, one of the Panini Media Company Executives. The Norwegian media holding company representative showed a keen interested in collaboration with the media group. During the meeting, the possibility of distributing SINGS project in Russia was discussed, as well as the possibility of organizing an international television format survey which is called «Play for the Future!» in Banff Studio, Canada.