2012-03-05War and Peace media group Public Corporation extends market making contract with “KIT Finance” Public Corporation

At the end of May, 2012, the War and Peace media group public corporation, the “KIT Finance” public corporation and the exchange market of MICEX-RTS will extend the tripartite contract for rendering of market making services under the securities of the War and Peace media group public corporation.

According to the terms of the extended tripartite contract, it is incumbent on the “KIT Finance” public corporation acting as a market-maker to submit bilateral quotes of the War and Peace media group public corporation and to support them during the Trade Exchange session in accordance with the Securities Tendering Rules at the exchange market of MICEX-RTS. The official tripartite contract is extended for 3 months with a possible prolongation. The collaboration within the bounds of the contract for rendering of market services, as previously, will be directed to raise the securities liquidity of one of the biggest Russian documentary and feature content producer and to ensure favourable conditions of issuer’s share sale and purchase at the leading Russian exchange market. It is assumed that bidders at MICEX-RTS will be able to work with “War & Peace” securities at minimum spreads. “During the last two months the “KIT Finance” public corporation acting as our market maker carried out the tasks successfully and very proficiently, which assisted to promote our company among investors and to provide a high level of securities liquidity of the Media Group,” said Vitaly Fedko, General Manager of the War and Peace media group Public Corporation. “The prolongation of the contract is proof of that.”

Supplementary Information:

The “KIT Finance” public corporation is one of the biggest brokers and specializes in rendering of broker services for financial institutions, corporate and private investors at the exchange market working with securities, bonds, and futures contracts. The company is part of the "KIT Finance" Company Group whose final owner is a consortium of investors led by the “RZhD” Public Corporation. Every year, the National Rating Agency confirms the "KIT Finance" Public Corporation reliability as being AAA (maximum reliable).