2012-10-03War and peace media group public corporation opens a representative office in Moscow

On March 15, 2012, War and peace media group public corporation opens a representative office in Moscow.

The Management of the holding company, comprising the “Corona Film” motion picture studio and the television channel “War & peace”, has made a resolution as to the reasonability of opening a representative office of the company in the capital city. The new subdivision will take up the distribution of the domestic media products and films of the world film producers. Moreover, it will tackle the further development of the channel and content distribution systems via satellite broadcasting and cable networks in Russia and abroad.

The personnel of the new office has been manned with expert specialists in the field of media business and telecommunications technologies. Irina Smorzhevskaya, who previously held the post of the Director of the Management Corporation Systems Department in the UC RUSAL Company, has been appointed the strategic development director in Moscow. High quality management as well as the basic ethic management rules at all the levels of the new subdivision will be regulated by the Corporate Management Code, adopted by the Board of Directors of the holding company in 2011. 

“The opening of a representative office in Moscow is another step to coverage area expansion, an increase in the number of "War & peace" TV channel’s subscribers, and distribution systems development,” said Vitaly Fedko, General Manager of the War and Peace media group Public Corporation. “Being the headquarters we will undertake various measures to implement the strategy: we will develop a high quality system of the channel’s audiovisual updating, launch new television formats, documentary serials, etc., that will enable us to work as an indivisible body.”

The address of the representative office of the War and Peace media group Public Corporation is as follows: 9 (office 52), 26 Bakinskih Komissarov Str., Moscow.