2012-19-01War and Peace Media Group and the Canadian producer Daniel Janke (Northern Town Films) start co-development.

Daniel Janke

The film story working title is "A Long Way Around". The film tells of a Russian emigrant in Canada, who has decided to return to Russia through The Bering Strait in 20-th years. The start of shooting of the film has been scheduled for early 2013. The shooting of the film will take place in Russia and Canada with the supporting of the Fund Astral Media/Harold Greenburg. The Working Group on the shooting of the film from the Northern Town Films will be under the guidance of renowned Canadian producer, director, composer and screenwriter Daniel Janke.

"The cooperation with such a well-known personality in the world of short documentary films, as Daniel Yanke, is an interesting experiment for us", says the General Director of Media Group Vitaly Fedko. "We are confident, that this ambitious project will interest the fans of live high-quality artistic content."                                                

Daniel Janke is the founder of the film company Northern Town Films, Canadian screenwriter, composer, producer and director of numerous short documentaries. The short documentary film "Finding Milton",2011, the winner of MITY Award, DCISFF 2011 and the animated film "How People Got Fire",2009, the winner of World Indigenous Film Awards (2009) in the nomination "The Best Animation", the winner of the American Indian Film Festival (2009) in the nomination "The best animated short film" are among his famous projects. Besides, he is the holder of the other awards in the film industry.