2012-17-01War and Peace Media Group has acquired rights an documentary series "The Universe" produced by The History Channel.

popular science film "The Universe"TV broadcaster has acquired rights to two seasons of the series, including 32 series of the popular science film "The Universe". The First season premiere was in May 2007 at an international multi-lingual satellite and cable channels that specialize in showing different historical documentary themes. The broadcast of multiseries movie on TV is scheduled for April 2012.                                  

The documentary series "The Universe" is based on scientific facts, which were obtained in the course of advanced research, and interviews of the famous scientists in the field of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics. Visual imagery to accompany the story, thanks to modern computer animation and computer graphics of astronomical objects, helps to recreate what is happening on other planets, in other galaxies, to imagine what life forms might evolve in other atmospheres.                      

The Universe and Space have always fascinated people, says General Director of War and Peace Media Group Vitaly Fedko,- now these fundamental concepts of astronomy will be accessible and understandable for the spectators of our TV channel thanks to this wonderful project.