2011-30-11Media Group "War and Peace" SPO to Allow successful Access trading on the Moscow MICEX Stock Exchange

After a limited IPO in June 2011 reserved for a small pool of private investors, the Media group War and Peace succeeded in setting its Secondary Public Offering (SPO), this time in accessing trading on the MICEX Stock Exchange in the market sector for innovation and investment in Moscow, Russia. Official listing agent of the Media Group was SKYINVEST Securities.

"This beginning of the trading of shares in the market sector for innovation and investment is an important step to becoming public. We expect that the admission of our shares to trade on the MICEX Stock Exchange will provide a significant market assessment of our Company and provide additional funding opportunities"- said General Director of Media Group War and Peace Vitaly Fedko.

It is expected that the acquisition of shares will primarily interest venture capital funds, industry funds of media investments, as well as institutional investors.

"We believe that the public circulation of the Media Group War and Peace shares in RII MICEX, will generate high interest from investors and will be a powerful incentive for its business development” - said the General Director of SKYINVEST Securities, Andrey Gusev.

In the near term, the issuer, War and Peace Media Group, will start Production for international media projects, like Play for the Future! and Epistle from the Four and improve visual and audio package of the The War & Peace Channel, as well as its coverage and subscribers base.

For more information about the outstanding shares of Media, visit the MICEX site.

Quotes of the company are available here.

About Media Group "War and Peace" (Война и Мир) – The War & Peace Media Group is headed by award-winning producer/director Vitaly Fedko, who has combined his production company, Corona Films, into War & Peace’s corporate umbrella. The group also operates The War & Peace Channel in Russia, a pay TV channel that exhibits contemporary and classic movies with the underlying themes of conflict, combat and resolution.

About SKYINVEST Securities, LLC. (СКАЙИНВЕСТ) - The underwriter and listing agent, Skyinvest Securities, is a company specialized in the organization of equity and debt capital attraction in the securities market for small and mid-cap.

About Innovative and Investments Market MICEX (РИИ ММВБ)The Innovative and investment Market MICEX (MII MICEX) – is an exchange sector for high-tech small and mid capitalization, created by MICEX SE together with JSC "RUSNANO" on the basis of pre-existing Sector for Innovative and Growing Companies (IGC Sector).