2011-02-09TV Channel "War & Peace" received the right to broadcast «South-South Awards» 2011

TV Channel "War & Peace" has received the exclusive right to cover the «South-South Awards» 2011 ceremony in Russia. Ceremony will be held September 19 in the hall of the New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel. In the «South-South Awards» ceremony will participate prominent figures from around the world: the heads of countries and their first ladies, leaders in the fields of global health and communication technologies, the permanent UN-members, key players in the fields of culture and media.

«South-South Awards» - is a high-level ceremony, planned as a showcase for the demonstration, advertising and promotion of various innovations related to the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals - eight international development goals, regulated by UN. They include eradicating extreme poverty, reducing child mortality, combating epidemics, as well as developing a global partnership for development of civilization.
In 2011, the motto of «South-South Awards» 2011 is "Digital Healthcare in the Digital Age Progress."

This year's awards will be awarded to outstanding innovations in the field of modern information and communication technologies - mobile and electronic communications, which may be useful for the implementation of the UN International Development Goals in health. An important part of the ceremony is also a demonstration of these innovations, designed to attract the attention of government and private organizations to develop and use these technologies to support implementation of health programs of the UN.

Awards will be given to politic figures, large organizations and individuals who had made important contributions to the program of Digital Healthcare through successful projects with the use of long-distance communication as a tool for improvement and development.

The ceremony organized by the permanent mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the UN Committee on Economic Affairs, Africa, the International Telecommunication Union, with the support of the Permanent Mission of Malawi, Dominica, El Salvador, Tajikistan, El Salvador and Honduras to the UN, as well as TV South-South News.